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Well, in short, I am a former lawyer who married the greatest girl alive and then became a stay-at-home dad, Ironman, and Beachbody Coach.  Never having pondered staying home with kids, that transition was a bit of a culture shock.  Sure, I had tangled with a dirty diaper here and there, but not for years on end.  Thankfully, only 50% of my kids continue to relieve themselves in their clothes and I am optimistic that percentage may decline much sooner rather than later!  Ahhh, that will be a wonderful day.  Until then though, I remain faithfully devoted to Pampers, wipes, and the diaper pail.

Aside from being a husband and a father, I dabble in fitness a touch.  In late 2008, I slept poorly one night and awakened with the burning drive to do a sprint triathlon.  Sadly, shortly after barely completing that event, some good friends of mine suggested I tackle a full Ironman.  When I say “suggested”, please know that I don’t mean nicely or helpfully.  I mean how a male friend will suggest to another male friend that he try to eat a habanero pepper or wrestle with a porcupine, you know, because that’s just what guys to do each other.

Being a mature and evolved male (remember the stay-at-home dad thing), I was obviously immune to their attempts at mind control.  Sadly, I was not immune from my own shocking lack of intelligence.  In the span of nine months, I went from having completed a puny little sprint to a full-fledged, 140.6 mile, Ironman in 11:32.  Since then, I assume my friends and family think that I came upon a cooler filled with “Triathlon amphetamines” and promptly drank the entire container, as I am totally hooked.

In addition to my addiction, I am an Independent Beachbody Coach.  I must assume, since you are reading this upon an electronic device and, therefore, not under some rock, you have heard of P90X, Insanity, Shakeology, TurboFire, or some of our other products.  Not only do I get to sell those products AND make a commission from those sales (umm, awesome), but I actually get to help people change their lives, just as P90X changed mine.  I have been fortunate enough to have had many jobs in my life and the only company I have ever truly enjoyed working for is Team Beachbody.  How can I not???  The company’s core purpose is, “Helping people achieve their goals and lead healthy and more fulfilling lives.”  I mean, come on, that’s awesome because they truly mean it.

Beachbody Success Club Cruise 2011

Who are those handsome devils???

Now, leave all your preconceptions, doubts, and issues at the door please.  Yes, it is a Network Marketing company.  No, it is not a pyramid scheme.  (Those are illegal, by the way.)  Yes, Beachbody is the greatest company in the history of the cosmos (trust me, I did a statistically-valid test.)  I love my life, love my wife and kids, love racing and testing the limits of my physical abilities each day, and love being a Team Beachbody Coach!


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