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2011 Team Beachbody Success Club Cruise

Team Beachbody 2011 CruiseMy wife and I recently returned from Beachbody’s 2011 Success Club Cruise (March 12th to 19th) and it was amazing. Not only did the company pay for the cruise, but it also gave all attendees a travel voucher. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, mid-cruise, the company told everyone that our service gratuities were also being covered! How amazing is that!??!?! I love working for Beachbody. Far more than I ever enjoyed any other professional job in my life.

As for the trip itself, it was great. We had an Ocean-view Stateroom, which really just meant a small, but nice (table and two chairs) balcony. I was pretty impressed how such a relatively small room could feel so spacious. The on-board activities were great. There was a Flowrider (think: fake surfing), two rock climbing walls (yeah, I mastered those in one try), a kick-ass gym, a 0.43 mile/loop jogging track with killer ocean views (LOVED it!), tons of pools and jacuzzis, and a slew of entertainment activities/shows. The Flowrider was by far my favorite, no shocker there. We did not go to a ton of the shows, but the ones we did were enjoyable. I am not sure how much more cruising I will do, but it was a great trip.

Aside from the fun and frivolity though, I did feel like a learned some good lessons. Ones that absolutely apply to my goals with Beachbody, but that also apply to life in general.

The World is What You Make It To Be

One of the greatest things for me was having the chance to meet and observe some of the most successful people in the Beachbody empire. At one point during the trip, I was watching a particular coach; someone I had never met. Yet, in spite of the total absence of any personal knowledge of this individual, I had a bad opinion. As I was observing this person, I realized that it was completely ridiculous for me to have such a ground-less opinion. Maybe I was right, but I wasn’t going to have such a negative opinion without at least a little personal interaction.Team Beachbody 2011 Cruise

What happened? Like many other moments, I learned that I was not, in fact, correct. My baseless opinion was stemming more from my own short-comings rather than any other factor. The person actually turned out to be very pleasant. I decided at that moment to strive to be more open-minded and really make sure that, if I am going to have a negative opinion, it needs to be based on facts, not presuppositions.

True Believing is Powerful

I was also fortunate enough to sit through a Top Coaches Panel of the top 10 Coaches from 2010. Each of these individuals not only won the same free cruise, but they also won a week-long bike trip through Europe in the summer of 2011, something I would have LOVED to have won. Each coach was given the chance to speak and then audience members asked the panelists various questions. The questions addressed a variety of topics, but the answers generally contained similar concepts. One, in particular, that I kept hearing was belief. Each person stressed how they truly started experiencing success once they believed they could do it. What a simple, yet powerful idea. Just with the power of belief, anyone can accomplish anything. I believe Henry Ford said it best: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right.

Another story about the power of belief that I love, as it is near my interests, is that of Roger Bannister and the four minute mile. Until 1954, all “educated” people (e.g., doctors, scientists, professional athletes, etc.) stated (and believed) that it was impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. This was certainly true, of course, until someone did it. On May 6, 1954, Roger ran a mile in 3:59.4. Then what happened? Within a few years, many other people accomplished the same feat, some setting a new record with their time. The current record is 3:43.13, a truly incredible and stunning accomplishment. Until Roger Bannister, no one believed they could do it but once he showed it was possible, even high school students were breaking that threshold. Today, over 850 have run a mile in less than four minutes.

All Big Things Happen in Small Increments

We all dream of things, when we let ourselves. We live in a “have it now” society that seems to inspire everyone to want everything now. Forget about working, being patient, or putting in the time and energy. It’s all about the quick fix. Weight loss surgery, weight loss drugs, and so on just fuels this mentality. To me, it’s just sad. Pursuing the easy and fast route denies people the chance to experience the joy of having ones’ steady, consistent blossom into something remarkable.2011 Team Beachbody Success Club Cruise

Meeting some of these top coaches, being able to ask them questions, and hearing their stories just reminded me that anything can be accomplished with small, yet consistent, effort. Doing the little things, each day, is the surest and most-proven way to achieve any objective. In particular, hearing the Top Coach Panel discuss the amount of effort, time, and energy devoted to making that top 10 list was inspiring.

Like many I guess, I can be guilty of thinking that someone else had it easy. Sure, it can happen but rarely is that the case. Hearing these people that I know and respect discuss the massive volumes of time they devoted, the sacrifices they made, and the drive they possessed reminded me that if you want to set your sights high, you need to be willing to work. And, probably more importantly, you need to be willing to work over time!

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