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Diet Soda, Weight Gain, and Fat

Diet Soda Cases
You have heard “Coke is bad for you” or “Soda is evil” right?  So, what did you do???  Switch to Diet Soda.  I mean, that’s got to be healthier.  After all, it has the word DIET in its name!  Diet always equals good so Diet Soda is basically Good Soda.  Umm, wrong.  All sodas are bad.  Diets sodas are bad.  Regular sodas are bad.  Frankly, I would rather drink a sugar-laden regular soda than a “healthier” diet soda.  At least the regular version has sugar.  Pure, simple, and REAL sugar.  Diet sodas are calorie free or low calorie because of chemicals.  They are prettily labeled “artificial sweeteners” but they are still just chemicals.  Aspartame, Sucralose, and their ilk are nasty.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they are better.

Here’s a great video detailing how the typical American diet is extremely acidic and what that does to your body:

Look, I don’t want to be preachy but just drink water.  There is nothing natural or healthy about diet sodas, regular sodas, flavored waters, and so on.  Pure and simple, water is healthy.  We are predominantly made of water.  It keeps our bodies working.  Our bodies operate better in a slightly alkaline state and diet sodas, along with a litany of other drawbacks, are highly acidic.  The more your body remains in an acidic state, the greater your chances of having some serious medical issues.  Study after study has revealed connections between an acidic state and cancer, strokes, cardiovascular issues, and many, many other serious health problems.  Simply put, eat alkaline, whole foods, drink water, and ditch the sodas (even the diet ones)!Diet Soda Cans

Ok, here’s another video that, while a bit dated and poorly edited, I enjoyed.  It shows what consistent exposure to soda will do to a calcium-based barrier (i.e., an egg shell) in maybe not the most compelling way but still an interesting one:

Along with the awesome health benefits of diet soda, if it contains caffeine, it may also dehydrate you!  Yet another bonus from that chemical concoction of crap.  Your body uses a hormone called “anti-diuretic hormone” or ADH to maintain fluid and mineral levels in the body.  If your brain perceives an insufficient amount of water, it signals the release of ADH, which causes your kidneys to reserve.  This is actually an amazing biological adaptation.  However, caffeine greatly interferes with the production of ADH.  So, no ADH in your kidneys equals more water going down the drain leading to possible dehydration.  (Note, this applies to any caffeinated beverage but I am bagging on soda and diet sodas here.)  So, while diet sodas (or regular sodas) themselves do not dehydrate you, the caffeine certainly can.

But, studies have repeatedly demonstrated that people who drink sodas tend to drink less water.  Hmmm, replacing water with a carbonated and diluted chemical sludge.  That’s not a good move.  Water is the best hydrator possible, especially for people living an active lifestyle or pursuing any health or fitness related goals.  Skip the manufacturers warehouse and just have a glass of plain water!

Thank you for reading!Side Effects of Soda

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