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Green Smoothies, Veggie Shakes: Each Sip is a Healthy Treat!

Smoothies and shakes are the staple of summer months. Even the thought of sweet blended fresh fruits with dairy and ice is rejuvenating. But have you ever thought of a yummy veggie shake? I mean, blending all the healthy greens (you know, taking them off of your salad plate and mixing them into a dessert???) These unique creations bring out surprising flavors that are packed with nutritional combinations.

Vegetable smoothies can be just as appetizing, sweet, and refreshing as fruits. They have become the latest mantra of health and fitness. Such shakes offer one of the most delicious way to eat your raw vegetables to attain total wellbeing. Blend your favorite salad and fruit together to make a health-packed perfect snack or a meal for the day.

Green Smoothie Recipes

Health Benefits of Green Smoothies and Shakes:

Green smoothies are not just yummy; they can be a part of a complete and healthy balanced diet. These thick goodies provide many dramatic improvements in your body:

For Type 2 Diabetes

Shakes can be a great snack for diabetic patients. The greatest concern is that smoothies (with fruits) contain glucose and fructose. With green veggie shakes, you can put this concern aside.

Blended vegetable smoothies not only supplement a healthy diet, but may also help to reverse some of the dietary problems that exacerbate diabetes or contribute to its progression. Try a tasty green smoothie that include romaine and spinach and get hooked to it.

For Initiating Weight Loss:

Veggie smoothies are a potent weight loss strategy. By boosting your vegetable intake in the raw form, you get an enrichment of vitamins, minerals, fiber, healthy carbs, and low fat whole foods. All these nutrients will aid in losing weight quickly, safely, and effectively without starving yourself.

To Attain Clearer, Radiant Skin:

The health of your skin is linked with eating the right kind of foods. Green smoothies are high in fiber and help the body to eliminate toxins that help give you that healthy glow on your face.

Reduce Cravings and Improve Digestion:

Packed with fiber, which lowers cholesterol and glucose levels, your glass of green will keep you feeling full for longer and regulate your body’s cleansing processes in an all-natural way.

Adding to Your Super-Healthy Veggie Shakes:

A confession: whenever you think of making a vegetable smoothie, you really do not expect to like it. However, with the mind of a chef and the tips given below, you can make a number of delicious vegetable smoothie recipes!

  • Island Green Smoothie: Fresh spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, and bananas.
  • Caribbean Carrot Smoothie: Carrots, mango, banana, goji, and orange juice.
  • Wild Green Smoothie: Cucumber, oranges, lemon juice, spinach, and sorrel.
  • Super Human Smoothie: Goji berries, hemp seeds, pitted dates, a banana, maca powder, reishi mushroom powder, and kale leaves.

Too short on time??? You can also try the health-packed Shakeology Greenberry supplement shake, just have the most nourishing smoothie recipe every single day. Check it out below:

Greenberry Shakeology


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