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Gaining on the Scales – Is Your Workout a Failure?

Exercising, working out, and training for a fitter body – all these things relate to weight loss. Right? Wrong! Even though you are toning up with your workout, the pounds keep on increasing the numbers on the scales.

It is no mystery; the reason is intense workout routines, and there is nothing to worry about it. The weight you are gaining with your workout routine is actually healthy! With the increase of the muscle mass, you will improve your weight in inches, but not necessarily in pounds.  Recognize that your weight is just one metric.  If you doing an intense workout routine, you are going to gain muscle as you lose fat.  This easily results in what appears to be a stagnant weight but is often accompanied by positive improvements in many other areas, including your physical dimensions.  The weight and strength training exercises target certain areas of your body to get you a ripped look by increasing muscle mass and endurance.

Is Your Workout a Failure

The intense workout routines are directed towards helping you gain muscle faster than you are losing the fat. It is true that “muscles burn fat”, but the muscles you are replacing with the fat have more volume. Therefore, while your body mass may or may not decline, your scale remains the same (or even a few digits higher).

Do not just give up on your workout routine, if you are not satisfied with the results just take on the following weight management techniques that will help you get more weight loss while sustaining the muscle development!

Avoiding The Initial Weight Gain

Usually when you start a new fitness routine that asks you to train with heavy weights, you gain! Although you may start to look different, the weight gain is still there and it may hover for a couple of months at the start.

To help you get over the initial phases and start seeing some results in the mirror as well as on the scales, you need to help your body respond positively to the drastic changes in physical activity. Taking on a healthy amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins to help your body heal and improve and monitoring your fluid intake are important so that your body becomes more efficient at the process of replacing fat contents.

Taking Care of Nutrition/ Calorie Intake:

Nutrition & Calorie Intake

Another important factor in keeping the weight in control while performing strength training routines is to take a look at what you are eating and how you will be burning that. When building muscle and pursuing weight loss, it is not just about balancing out the calories, but creating a calorie deficit that will help you get a toned body.

Moreover, you may certain foods while you are performing heavy workouts. If you fail to follow a healthy meal plan, you may fail to see results.

Monitoring the Body Fat:

It is necessary that you monitor your body’s metrics as you are working out.  This includes your weight, your measurements, your clothing size(s), and more.  Plus, there’s non-quantitative metrics like how you are sleeping, how you feel, what are your energy levels like, etc.. These will not only help you know when your efforts are working and when they are not, but also keep you motivated when you do attain the desired results.

Weight-Management Considerations:

The reality is, you need to be patient. The process of losing weight and getting healthier is often slow.  You must be consistent for a long enough period of time so that your body can apart to what you are doing.  Only then will you see the differences you crave!  The initial weight you gain with your workout routine is far more often than not just temporary. If you exercise regularly and watch how you eat, you will eventually eliminate out the added pounds  and be on your way to an athletic, physical build.

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