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How to Faster Weight Loss – Fasting and Starving Contradicts Faster Weight Loss!

Restricting what you eat can make you fat!

It is not a joke. The common paradox of not eating or weight-loss focused fad diets, such as liquid-only or veggie-only body starvation plans, are actually augmenting the obesity crisis in the country. If people were so happy about getting fitness results from starving themselves, they would kiss the nutrition-rich meals goodbye!

How to Faster Weight Loss

Yo-yo dieting, fasting for several days consequently, and dangerously low calorie-controlled diets are actually resulting in gain of weight. The kicker here is that the body goes into starvation-mode and the metabolic rate drops, which slows down or completely stops the loss of weight.

Here are some surprising facts about how starving your body from the necessary food items and following the fat weight loss diets can negatively affect your weight management.

What Exactly Happens on A Weight Loss Program?

Typical weight loss programs are designed in a way that you have to “feast” on a bowl of soup all day, sip off a grapefruit juice or skip the meals to burn the calories. Although you might see rapid weight loss at the beginning, but the real dangers are lifelong.

  • The rapid weight loss from the starvation diets occur during the period of calorie restriction. The glycogen that is stored in the liver is used as a first supply of energy, which eventually results in the sudden drop in blood sugar, loss of electrolytes and dehydration.
  • Starvation mode also results in causing fitness plateau. When your body is void of the essential calories, it stores the fat to fuel the body, which becomes hard to take off.

Starving Your Body Slows Down Weight Loss

How to Faster Weight LossDo you know that there are people who are known to have lived up to 70 days without food? It is because our bodies have metabolic defenses that fight off the starvation. The body becomes super efficient in gathering all the calories from food and drink and stores it as a backup. In turn, it uses the lean muscles as fuel sources instead of fat and slows down the metabolic rates to save the calorie loss. . In long term, this results in building fat around the waistline, also known as “muffin top”.

Consequently, instead of losing weight in the right way, you hit a plateau and start to gain the fat deposits that ultimately result in the weight increase. Therefore, a calorie deficit is never a weight loss solution.

Food Is Not Your Enemy in Weight Gain:

Ultimate Reset CleanseUsually people are not fat because they eat too much, it is the kind of food they eat that matter. This makes a big difference. The best foods you can eat to lose weight should be as close to their natural state as possible.

Generally, when talking about the right kind of nutrition to develop the body, many no-starvation natural diets are there to initiate the weight loss process including Ultimate Reset Cleanse meal Plan. The benefit of such cleansing meal plans is that you enhance the nutrient count in the body while keeping a check on what you intake.

Moreover, you can add the foods that come from trees or plants as a healthy option to keep the weight in check instead of starving the body. A three-phased meal plan that includes natural fat-cleansing foods is the best catch for you to shed off the pounds!

Fast Track Weight Loss is No Starvation!

By now, you must have understood that weight loss has nothing to do with the lack of proper diet. The safest way to achieve optimal health and long-term loss of fat from your body, is by adopting healthy eating habits that will rev up the metabolism and burn more calories rather than saving them.

A balanced meal plan is actually a kick-start for activating a fitter life-style!

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