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PiYo: Upcoming Beachbody Workout!

PiYo: Upcoming Beachbody Workout!

Piyo is the new Beachbody workout by famous celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson. Chalene Johnson, the ChaLEAN Extreme lady, is very expert in devising workouts that are very effective yet enjoyable. Piyo is set to release at the Beachbody Coach Summit in June, 2014.

Beachbody workout PiYoPiYo is high intensity workout program that does not require jumping and thus are low impacts but efficient and effective. Piyo workouts mainly include dancing, athletic drills, core conditioning, sports training, and stretching. These workouts are devised to maximize body’s flexibility, core stability, agility and strength.

PiYo workouts are designed in a way to fit with music so your mind relaxes while you enjoy a low impact and effective workout session. PiYo especially targets people who dislike yoga and pilates. PiYo is a combination of finest workouts of Pilates and Yoga, so you do the most effective Pilates and Yoga workouts rather than long and boring sessions of both. That is why PiYo is different from other workouts. It is devised to help you enjoy your workouts rather than getting bored and struggle with your consistency.

PiYo workout program is for experienced and inexperienced fitness persons. Piyo is very effective in weight loss and overall health maintenance.

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