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Triathlon Coaching

Triathlon Coaching

What started as nothing more than curiosity (or, perhaps, insanity) became a passion.  I wish I could say that I knew I would love this sport or that I had always been “into running” but none of that is true.  I registered for and completed my very first triathlon (an off-road) on a complete whim and, merely one month later, registered for Ironman Arizona even though I had no experience, had never ridden a road/tri bike, and had no clue what I was really doing.  (You can read the whole story HERE, if you like.)
Ironman Arizona Swim

Fast forwarding to today and I can say without hesitation that triathlons have changed my life.  I love everything about the sport and the lifestyle it creates.  I have never been happier, healthier, and had more fun!  After a few years of racing, I decided to get my USAT Level I Coaching Certification.  I didn’t (and don’t) have aspiration of building a thriving coaching business, but rather, I just wanted to help others find the same love and enjoyment that I did.  Whether your goal is comparatively small, like doing a sprint triathlon or running a 5k or large, like running a marathon, doing an Ironman , or qualifying for Kona, I can help you reach that goal.

After Coaching on my own, I accepted a position as an Associate Coach with my Coaches, Bill and Anne Wilson of Camelback Coaching.  You can read more about us HERE.  Bill and Anne have been involved with the sport of triathlons for nearly 25 years, starting as athletes and then as triathlon Coaches about a decade ago.  Their philosophies about triathlons, from training plan creation to racing, are all based upon the science of the sport, a belief I wholly share.  We all have limited “free” time in our lives and getting the most out of each minute is critical.  This belief system was a crucial reason I hired them for myself years ago and an even more critical reason why I accepted the position as Associate Coach.

Ironman Triathlon Bike

They have been extremely instrumental in helping me go from a part-time exercising and an out-of-shape former lawyer to a multiple Ironman finisher attempting to pursue qualification spots at both the Half-Ironman and Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas and Kona, respectively.  Without them, I could never have achieved what I have done.  I am now fortunate enough to be able to access their experiences and knowledge.  Combining that access with my own coaching, experiences, and development as a triathlete will enable me to better serve any aspiring athletes in pursuit of their goals.

As a Coach, I know there is no “one size fits all” plan.  As your Coach, I will use questionnaires and meetings to get to know you.  In designing your plan, I will use your goals, expectations, abilities, available time, as well as the realities of life we all have.  But, I know that any of those factors can change and, as your Coach, I will continue to work with you to match your plan to your set of circumstances.  I view a training plan as a living, evolving thing that requires frequent maintenance to work as best it can.


The basis of each plan will be your weekly training schedule.  This schedule is based upon the combination of the time you have for training, the time of year, and your annual plan.  That annual plan contains the various phases of periodized training to maximize your abilities on race day, in particular, those race days upon which you place the greatest importance.  Whether your goal is large or small, the plan is to get you as ready as possible on race day and to help you improve your overall fitness and skill-set over time.

Depending on your goals, your plan may contain a variety of elements, from aerobic development (e.g., swimming, biking, and running), resistance training, to stretching and flexibility.  But, I will also provide specific assistance in areas such as skill and technique improvement, nutrition and nutrition strategy, race day preparation and strategy, and race psychology and goal setting.

I do not place restrictions or limits on the number of times or the way in which you may contact me.  In fact, I prefer the opposite; contact me as much as you want or need in whatever way you prefer!  My goal is to help you as best as I can and that requires feedback and interaction.  There is no secret to creating a training plan; nearly anyone can do it.  Rather, the value of a coach lies in that coach’s knowledge, experiences, and desire to help.  I will always be willing to bring all of my time and experiences to bear in helping my athletes.

If you are ready to start, I am ready to help you!  Please contact me about my coaching and training services.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Redfield “Toby” Baum

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