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Triathlon Race Checklist

Gear Checklist

Does your computer look like this???

Lists, lists, and more lists.  Who doesn’t love and hate them?  We make them because they work but far too often just ignore them, even after we’ve made them.  Why is that?  Who knows, your guess is as good as mine.  I hate to admit it, but even I sometimes make these amazing checklists that are sure to dramatically improve my life.  Then, I leave them on my desk, under a stack of papers, eventually putting them in the recycling.  Rather ridiculous isn’t it?  I spend time working on something to help me but then ignore it.  Human nature, I guess…

Regardless, I get a huge number of questions about getting ready for race day.  Whether it is short-course (e.g., sprints, olympics, and international distances) or long-course (e.g., half and full Ironmans), people are always wanting to know what “system” I use to keep myself and my stuff organized.  Well, unsurprisingly, I have a checklist for it!!!  But, this one I actually use!  Wow, I feel like I am at one of “those” meetings:

Hi, my name is Toby Baum and I am a Checklist-A-holic.

Ok, maybe I’m not that bad, but given the number of scraps of paper with random chicken scratches on them, I might be.  Anywho… like I said, I get asked questions and thought I would share my race day gear checklist.  I use it for both short and long course racing and have modified it over the years.  It isn’t always perfect and there’s probably no way to create a checklist that will work for everyone, but I hope this helps either solve the issue for some or get the creative ball rolling for everyone else!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them here.  I greatly appreciate the feedback and comments I receive so run with it!

Triathlon Checklist

This was just too funny!

A couple of thoughts:

1.  As I said above, there’s probably no way to create a checklist that would work for everyone.  Too many people just race in too many different ways.  So, you can download my PDF Gear Checklist or Word Gear Checklist, if you want to use/modify it.  My only request would be that if you see a glaring omission, you tell me!

2.  Understand when reading my triathlon race checklist that I travel and race light.  I try to only bring whatever gear I believe is necessary.  As anyone who follows me knows, I race lean and ditch any extra stuff.  For instance, I’ve done multiple Ironmans with only one water bottle on my bike.  Some people think this is crazy, but I think extra stuff is just increasing the probability that something bad could happen.  So, my list is doesn’t have any “What If” stuff in it.  If the unexpected happens on race day, I have faith in myself that I can roll with the punches and deal with it on the fly.

3.  I have my preferences and way of doing things.  I wear everything I can under my wetsuit but not my heart rate monitor.  Makes no sense but I find it easier to have my arms free and I don’t care what my swim time was.  I wear my bib and race belt under my wetsuit.  I don’t care if it gets ruined or crushed; I don’t want to have to remember to put it on in T1 or T2.  There’s more but you get the picture.  My list is for me and may not work exactly for you so, if you want, take mine and make it (or one like it) your own!

Thanks for reading!

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