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Focus T25 Nutrition to Fuel Your Workout Results

We are more concerned on maximizing our workout efforts and getting results fast. But how many of us know that exercising and diet go hand in hand? When and what you eat is an important part of making your workouts more effective – whether it is a casual workout or an intense, athletic one.

Focus T25 Nutrition Guide

Even though the latest Focus T25 workout is just 25 minutes of complete fitness, it still comes with a complete nutrition plan to help you achieve the max fitness results. The T25 workout is paired with the “Get It Done Nutrition Guide”, so that you overcome the fail and focus on the win!

In the nutrition guide, the Focus T25 Recipes are smart, simple, and can be done in just 5 minutes. The plan is made quick and easy to attract the busy people who find it hard to plan a healthy diet. That is why with the Focus T25 Nutrition you will be going to eat 5 small meals each day, that can even be prepared in less than 5 minutes, with the use of just 5 ingredients.

Here are the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide details so that you can prepare workout nourishment that guarantee results!

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Focus T25 Nutrition Guide Basics:

Like the workout, the Focus T25 guide is about getting it done. The handy-dandy booklet contains the following things:

  • Overview / The 4 Step Calorie Quiz
  • Suggestions of the Calorie Consumption Per Meal
  • Customization of the meal plans
  • Nutrition Troubleshooting
  • 25 “Keep It Real” Foods
  • Recipes

Will all of this at one place, you will be focusing more on the daily caloric intake, and how each meal will help you attain the required nutritional value. Moreover, inside the guide you will find the 4-step calorie quiz to help you calculate the amount of energy you will be needing to finish off the workouts.

4-Step Calorie Quiz

Easy Modifications to Focus T25 Nutrition:

Another ease of the guide is that all the Focus T25 Recipes are designed to fit your routines. As each individual has different nutritional needs and have different lifestyles to manage their meal plans, the plan is made to be edited easily.

If you are trying to lose your weight while working out with T25, follow the Focus T25 Recipes that are marked with “P” – meaning that they have a higher protein percentage. Protein will help you feel filled for longer and curb the untimely food hankerings, while offering you better fat loss.

Whereas, if you want to boost your energy levels to meet the intensity of the routines, then follow the recipes that are marked “C” – meaning that they contain higher carbohydrate percentage. You will be burning off the carbohydrates as you take on the intense routines and get pumped energy levels to get advanced results!

To Start:

Get the Shaun T Focus T25 Challenge Pack, which will include all the workouts and the nutrition guide to achieve the best of health and fitness in the safest way!

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