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Insanity: The ASYLUM Workout

Insanity ASYLUM

When the Insanity program launched, I was mildly interested.  (You can read my full review HERE.)  However, when The ASYLUM workout launched during the summer of 2011, I was stoked.  Insanity was amazing and I was confident that ASLYUM would be even better.  Of course, by “better” you know I mean more difficult right???  Suffice to say, I was NOT disappointed.  Here’s the official Volume 1 video:

After I had recovered from a half-Ironman race (Boise 70.3), a buddy and I decided we would do the full 30 days, starting in late June/early July of 2011.  I intended to continue with my triathlon training during this time too.  (ASYLUM comes with six DVDs and lasts thirty days unlike the typical sixty or ninety day programs, like P90X and Insanity.  It also comes with a full nutrition guide, an exercise guide, the wall calendar, and the typical ancillary materials.)  I figured that, since none of the workouts were longer than 55-ish minutes, I’d be able to handle that additional load on top of my training.  Uh, I was wrong.  I lasted exactly SEVENTEEN days before pulling the plug.  I was pretty impressed.

Fast forward to now, and ASYLUM Volume 2 has launched.  I am NOT making the same mistake.  But, for those out there doing Insanity and ready to move to the next step, ASYLUM is the real deal.  ASYLUM Volume 2 comes with six new DVDs, an updated and improved nutrition plan, and the usual assortment of materials.  Given how tough Volume 1 was, you can bet Volume is NOT going to be easy!  Here’s just snippet for your viewing pleasure:

Elite Training Series?  I think yes.  Practically making regular humans into super-heroes???  I think YES.

If you have any questions, please reach out and ask.  I am always happy to help!  If you are interested in purchasing, please simply click HERE and go to the “Shop”.  Remember though, if you already have a Team Beachbody Coach, you need to switch to me first if you want to work with me!  You can learn how to switch and about my free coaching HERE.

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