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Insanity Review

I have to admit, when Beachbody started releasing bits and pieces of Insanity, I was mildly intrigued. I thought it looked cool but I simply adored P90X too much to leave it. I also did not want to two-time my favorite program. How could I possibly cheat on P90X???

Over time, though, two trusted friends bought and did Insanity. These were old friends whom I trusted and both just raved about it. They had done multiple rounds of P90X, like me, yet were jumping ship and booking passage on the HMS Insanity. Oh well, I thought, they must not be as cool and tough as I previously thought. To leave the “X” just like that, well, it hurt. I felt betrayed on behalf of Tony Horton. I pondered writing him a letter to explain, but that seemed unnecessary.

Shortly thereafter, one of those two supposed “friends” was in town. While visiting, he showed me his Insanity before and after photos. I was stunned. His transformation with P90X had been decently remarkable, but, being a lifetime athlete, he started in pretty good shape. The physical transformation was nothing short of remarkable. I peppered him with questions. Did you do anything besides Insanity? Was this really a “before” photo or something from high school? How many cycles of roids did you do? (kidding about that one…) How closely did you follow the diet guide? I just could not believe how different he looked. He was more cut, ripped, and healthy than when we were undergrads together, doing little besides lifting weights and playing basketball each day. Oh, AND going to classes and studying (just in case, you know, my Dad is reading this…)

In short, I was convinced. I decided I would do a full 60 days of Insanity.

(DISCLAIMER NOTE: I did it while training for my second Ironman. So, there were a few days where I would do that day’s workout but, because of whatever training I also had to do that day, I could not kill myself completely. I simply could not just put my triathlon training on hold for two months.)

I quickly realized that I may have missed it with Insanity. That first week was awesome. I loved how I didn’t need any equipment. I loved how each workout only lasted forty minutes. I loved how, after the warm-up and brief stretch, there would only be twenty minutes remaining. I guess I just loved Insanity.

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The next seven weeks flew by in a flash. My opinion of Insanity, admittedly based on nothing, was way off base. Insanity is a killer program that is stunningly effective. The only missing elements were the resistance training for my back and biceps. Using only body weight, there’s simply no way to focus on those muscles; it’s just not possible. But, that’s a tiny price to pay. The diet guide is great as well. Beachbody seems to improve the diet program with each successive program and that trend continued with Insanity. I also found Shaun T’s teaching style very easy to follow. He obviously spent some time teaching group exercise and it shows during the workouts. He explains things well and provides effective examples (for example, like proper form) during the workouts.

Here’s a short video that gives a pretty good insight into the challenge called Insanity:

So, who can Insanity help?

  • People looking to improve their fitness,
  • People looking to ditch that last, little layer of fat, especially tummy fat,
  • People looking to really peak their fitness and go to the next level, and
  • Anyone looking for a challenge!

Are you ready to test yourself against the most challenging home fitness program ever created? Want to get those abs or that body you have always wanted? Then you need INSANITY now!

Insanity is a 60 day program created by fitness trainer Shaun T that uses Max Interval Training to give you in 60 days what most people need a year to achieve! With these long periods of high intensity with short periods of rest, you can burn up to 1,000 calories and hour and get into amazing shape in just 60 days!

You don’t even need any equipment! One of the great things about Insanity is that you only use your body weight for all exercises. All you need is drive, determination, and a willingness to work hard! Oh, and maybe a towel…

If you are ready, just click the link below and take the first step towards changing your life!

Yes! I want Insanity NOW!

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