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Secrets to Fire-Up Your Metabolism and Start Losing Weight

Ever have this happen? You see someone stacking up a ton of pizza slices without gaining either inches or pounds while you curse your body for growing every time you splurge just a little or slip off the fitness bandwagon??? The reason might just be a difference in the metabolic rate.

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A number of people find it hard to lose the pounds despite their butt-kicking efforts. But it does not mean that they should throw in the towel and forget all about managing a healthy diet. Low-metabolic rate might be in your genes but fat is not your fate!

Those who are overweight, out of shape, or aged have the power to bump up the burn, and here is how:


The variance in the metabolic rate is often due largely to the average calorice requirements of each person. A person’s weight, gender, height, genetics, and activity levels are main factors that affect the metabolism.

To pep up your metabolic rate, you need to:

  • Be more active.
  • Do short workouts (interval training) before eating meals – brisk walking, climbing stairs, Pilates – to name a few.
  • Lift weights to maintain and build more muscle on top of what you have now.
  • Add resistance, cardio, and strength training routines to rev up the resting metabolic rate.
  • Stay well hydrated to fuel your fat burn process.
  • Sleep well
  • Reduce stress.
  • Keep your metabolism humming by taking in fiber rich foods.
  • Eat protein – a hard to digest macronutrient that gives your body something to work with.


The tip to getting a good fat burning system is to add more muscles. Squats, planks, weight lifting, pushups, and lunges, all have the ability to crank up the calorie burning process. When you lift weights, your fat-burn rate is affected in two primary ways:

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  • You add lean muscle mass to your frame. Lean muscle mass gains will jack up the metabolism levels, which means that can use your fat deposits for the energy to be build, use, and maintain your lean muscle mass.
  • Although a leisurely run through the neighborhood may temporarily stroke the metabolic rate, a better way to break down fat is to develop muscle mass using a weight training exercising sessions, – something like the P90X workout routine, that both build lean muscle and offer a solid cardiovascular workout at the same time. By opting to use strength training exercises, that also includes cardio sessions,; you will engage as many muscles as possible. This not only plays a key role in achieving that defined look but also burns more calories during and after your workout sessions.

A good strength training session will recruit multiple muscle groups so that you can relax after a tough workout and initiate the calorie after-burn process while sitting comfortably on your couch! How awesome is that???

FINALLY: Let’s Get Physical!

Sitting down, especially as you get older, is likely to cause a sluggish metabolic rate. Thanks to the desk jobs, family dinners, and the “must-see” movies and TV shows, the typical lifestyle is constantly bombarding you to relax and take it easy. In reality, you need to be doing the opposite!

You need to get physical, whether it is brief period of regular movements (like walking up and down the stairs rather than taking the elevator) or high-intensity,

weight- lifting workouts (like the P90X workout)!. Give your metabolism a nudge, lift your spirits, and start to wipe out excess fat!

Thanks for reading!

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